DEATH NOTE Part-1 Read Count : 15

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery



When the crimes were rising , a God of Death (named Xinc) was really tedious in his Death Realm . He was tedious by writing names of people to increase his lifespan . This is the conversation between Xinc and other Gods of Death -

Ror (God of Death)- "Why are you sitting in the corner Xinc?"

Xinc- "I am really tedious of this moronic realm!"

Finch (God of Death)- "Ahh! This is our home but by the way I too don't want to be here one more second"

Ror- "What are you upto Xinc?"

Xinc- "Nothing!"

Xinc throws his DEATH NOTE to a portal which straight leads to the Human World .

Finch- "Why did you throw your DEATH NOTE in the portal? Don't you know Boss would become irate if he knows ? , he also has anger issues"

Xinc- "I have my DEATH NOTE , this one was fallen on the Realm nearby and Boss would not be irate as I have my DEATH NOTE"

The DEATH NOTE falls nearby a high school . A boy named George was in his class . He was the topper of his grade and was really handsome . He was too tedious of his life and wanted some amend . This is the conversation between George and his teacher -

Teacher- "George! Can you please read Paragraph 1 from page 192?"

George- "Yes Sir! (He starts reading the paragraph)" He ends .

Teacher- "Very Good! This is what I expected from you"

George suddenly sees something falling from the sky to the ground . When the class ends , he goes where the DEATH NOTE was fallen and finds it . He takes it in his hands and was amused when he reads "DEATH NOTE" but he thinks it's just a moronic joke and throws it down . But he thinks that maybe he should try it and takes it . He reaches his house and starts studying . He reads THE RULES OF THE DEATH NOTE . It was night , he eats his dinner and thinks whether should he use it or not . He couldn't decide and so slept . He wakes up in the morning still amused whether should he use it or not , he goes to school . He carries his DEATH NOTE too . He was in his class where a group of boys were criticising a boy . He abhorred all the means of evil and thought world would be a lot better without those people who convey evil . So he thought to kill these boys by writing their name in the DEATH NOTE but was paused for a while . After his school he goes to his home and thinks . He first goes to a shop to buy him some books . He saw a gang of thieves who were trying to rob a man . This is the conversation between the Head of the thieves and the man -

Head of the thieves- "Give me all your money or I will shoot you!"

Man- "Please let me go! Take my bag which has a lot of money"

One of the thieves- Hyun Riel Boss , we have a lot of money now!"

Head of the thieves- "Yep , We are rich! Take the bag and let's get out of here! .

George quickly writes the name of The Head of the thieves in the DEATH NOTE . SOME RULES OF DEATH NOTE-

If you write someone's name in the DEATH NOTE the person will die .

If you write someone's name and do not mention the cause , he will simply die of a heart attack in the next 40secs .

If you write someone's name and do write the cause , you can kill him according to your timings . After writing the name the cause of the death should be specified in the next 6m 40secs . The cause of the death should make sense . If you write the cause which doesn't make sense the person will simply die of a heart attack .

He writes the cause of death which is a truck accident . The timings was next 25secs . He checks his watch and waits . Just like what he writes suddenly a truck hits Hyun . He was shocked! . Hyun was killed . He starts believing it's powers now .

What is George gonna do with it? . Know it in the second part .



  • Jul 25, 2020

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