Drugs Poem Read Count : 30

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel
Comment that is unfairly'' for people using drugs under age of 18-20 based on peers. Young people end up committed in sex that may lead to violence, speeding of HIV&AIDS crime influence. Drugs should be illegal not for sale for under age why we people forsake rule based on drugs.

Especially peers! our future generation has lost. why teenager permitted to use drugs, violence must stop the rate teenage pregnancy should decrease Africa should develop with better generation.

Young people end up committed suicide,mostly end up in jail because of drugs that effect their brain including their health. Young people we should be responsible of our future.  

Let's be united and bring change in AFRICA we are who we are because of those who they were let's bring change and developement.

Mathumbhu confidence (makungu)


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    Jul 25, 2020

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