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The parcel that had arrived today, contained an old key and a list of instructions to use it I was going through instructions carefully after all my only dream was to become first champion of "Legend Of The Dark World" video game, a game which was able to change one's life in real world too . First virtual reality game to make you billionaire in real life if you are able to complete all five levels of this game with just three lives. If you lost all three lives you get killed by Dark World's Forces who are guardian of our real world in 2070. They keep an eye on gaming world and in real world they keep law and order running. Crime done by you in game makes you guilty in real world and once you lost all your three lives you get terminated in real world. There are plenty of things to win in this game. Like I won an old key which opens three lockers in real world of 2070 . Game inventor Mr. Dalton made new rules before he died last year, rules were simple that there are three keys hidden in secret places one who wins the first key will get special accessories needed for this game which will provide you special powers in game, one extra life, 1 million dollars in real life lockers , he also increased its winning amount as Mr. Dalton had nobody of his own so he made a Will that winner of this game will be an owner of his property and 100 billion dollars apart from all these he will become partner of his company Big Tech. Company which made this virtual reality game it's also an only maker of Hi-tech VR Boxes for this game. As now in 2070 whole world is addicted to this game because it's a way of making easy money and run your families as its level one gives you endless lives unless you won firt key to access and go in next level, once you won the first key you must be careful in next level because from level two you only got three lives . Coins won in this could get you easy digital cash for your daily needs supply because now in 2070 everything was reconstructed after world got collapsed due to nuclear war in which nearly every big country took place. And now Big Tech rules this world. 

My dad used to tell me about video games made in his days he said "Apple, Google and Amazon were all developing gaming products in the fall of 2019, Apple released Apple arcade, a game subscription service, soon after Google launched stadia, which allowed user to stream major game title directly from the cloud rather than fussing with download or physical console". But now in 2070 everything is changed in virtual reality video games and time changed the face of this world. World has now become a coin with two faces head of the coin The Dark World and tail of the coin goes with Big Tech company with its Dark Forces in real world to keep your country clean from criminals.  

But I was happy to become the first person in this world who won the first key to go in next level. Two days ago I won this key and since then I am every where on social media. News channels are continuously showing me on every where across the world. I'm a famous guy now. 

I started my car and went to Big Tech head office where I was supposed to check three lockers of "Legend Of The Dark World" games. I was excited more about special powers I was going to get for this game and a million dollar. 

At Big Tech head office I was given a warm welcome by its staff members. Everybody wanted a piece of me in their selfies. Girls were screaming in excitement. They were asking me about my winning move in level - 1, everyone was curious to know how I defeated Gargoyles King and got my first key. I told them my secret as now was the only first person to complete level - 1. It was simple you had to cut Gargoyles King head off to get key hidden under his throne. Then I was taken to conference room where in digital monitor C. E. O of Big Tech Mr. Smith was waiting to chat on video call with me. He was a business partner of Mr. Dalton, he owned Big Tech and was running it successfully for 25 years. When Mr. Dalton died he thought that now he would be single owner of Big Tech but soon world was shown last video made by Mr. Dalton where he publicly announced his Will and told about keys that were going to help players who were playing.  

"It's nice to see you as being first winner of level one I am honored to meet you, my secretary Miss. Clara would take you to locker room. Where you could use your key to open three lockers, is it fair enough", asked Mr. Smith. 

"It's okay with me", I replied and left the room with Clara. 

Clara took me to a big rooms with lots of lockers in it. She asked me for the the key. I gave it to her. She matched its coding and showed me the lockers. I opened the first locker which contained a sword, an armor and a shield which must be magical in game. Second locker contained a madallion on which red cross sign was made to provide me an extra life in game and third locker contained a million dollars cheque signed by Mr. Dalton and Smith themselves to spend in this real world . I gave that cheque to Clara and asked her to credit in my account so that I could easily spend amount anywhere digitally . She did exactly as I said and a million dollars were in my account. Then I collected all my stuffs and headed towards my home. On my way home I thought about how I spend 5 years to win first level of this game. But at last my rewards covered all my pain and suffering to win level one. Now it was time to go for level two. 

I restlessly switched on my hitech VR Box and dressed up myself with digital control gloves and armor I won after completing level one. I accessed game into practice mode and tested sword, shield and armor I was wearing. I could even fly in game because of armor I was wearing. It could open the wings which comes out automatically whenever I thought of flying. I spent my whole day practicing with my sword and shield. 

Next day I was ready to go back in the game and finish level two. But soon as I entered game said "We have another winner of level one with us her name is Jessica and game would open gates of level two with both winners together." 

I took of my VR Box and rushed to the office of Big Tech to meet another winner of level one. But I got dissappointed because I was unable to meet her there so I collected all information needed to get in touch with her. I drove back home and gave a call on her mobile. She picked up my call. 

"Hello am I talking to Jessica second winner of level one in Legend Of The Dark World game,"I asked her. 

" Yes this is Jessica, may I know who's speaking ", Jessica asked doubtfully. 

" I am first winner of this game and I just wanted to know when next you are going to play level two because game says that gateway to level two would open for both winners in same time ", I asked her. 

" As soon as I get my rewards I would be ready to play next level, I will be in touch with you ", Jessica said and cut off the line. 

After two days Jessica called back again" Are you ready to play ", she asked me. 

" Yes I am ready, let's teach some lessons to evil legends ", I replied excitedly and cut off the line. 

Then I dressed up with my accessories and VR Box to go back in virtual reality game life which was more fun and exciting than our real world. In few seconds we both were standing in front of level two gate. Soon gate opened and we were inside castle of Count Dracula in Transylvania. 

We both were shivering with cold as every feeling in virtual reality game comes alive when you play. There were howling sounds everywhere and there were lycans on each floor of castle. We did what we had to do just to save our lives from lycans we slaughtered each and everyone which came in our way. After hours of fighting with them we reached the top floor of castle where we had to get separated from each other to find Count Dracula. 

I entered into a room where two wives of Dracula were drinking blood of young man. They were naked and wild. They came near me and started making me lusty for sex but I had only one thing going in my and that was winning so I raised my sword and stabbed it into the skull harder in one of Dracula's wife then I ripped heart out from his other wife's chest. I came out of that room and went to another where Dracula was sitting on his throne. He saw me so he got up from his throne. He clapped and came near to me. 

"Well look who we have hear, winner of first level of this game, entered my castle to hunt me down", said that blood sucker Dracula. 

"Get ready to die", I said and raised my sword to cut him into pieces. But Dracula was trickster he vanished away. I searched him every where but there was no sign. 

There Jessica was fighting with evil spirits to save her life. Dracula appeared there in that room. She tried to hunt him there but she failed too as he disappeared. 

Soon we both were in search for him. At last we found him again standing beside Frankenstein a gaint who was brought back from dead to serve Dracula. Jessica aimed him with her bow and arrow and released an arrow. There was thunder lighting in arrow as it struck him with force and Frankenstein was on the ground. Now it was my turn to slaughter Dracula down. I raised my sword and pointed towards him. Thunder lighting came out of my sword and Dracula was lying on the ground. We cleared level two but there was no key hidden in there because it shows in virtual reality games if any hidden content is available in that round. 

We took our VR Boxes in real life and disappeared from game to live our normal lives. 

Then we had conversations between us that we had to become a team if we want to finish this game. We both were agreed on this. For two days in our real lives we spent a lot of money and enjoyed our time together. Last night when we were returning back home from bar I saw a strange shadow following us. I dropped Jessica home and left for mine. Shadow was still following me. I was sure that it was following me for a purpose. 

Next day Jessica called me and asked " Are you ready to clear next level?" 

" Yeah I am ready to clear next level, may be we could find another key hidden in next level", I replied excitedly. 

We both got dressed up with game accessories and put on our VR Boxes within a second we were in game mode at same place where we left. It took us to level three gateway and gate opened. We saw we were standing on a mountain from where we had to jump and fly to a tower where evil forces should be waiting for us. We did same it was fun flying in game as it looks like you were flying in real life. It was like God gave you wings of freedom to fly wherever you want. We both enjoyed flying and when we were satisfied we landed on the roof of that evil tower where two soldiers of Zombie force were waiting for us to land. We killed them both and took stairs to enter tower and search for more Zombie soldiers. After hours of battle we succeeded to find main leader of Zombie force. We hunt him down and found hidden key to get access for next level. When we found the key which was hidden in leader's heart game showed that in both next level we had a common enemy and his name was Lucifer master of all evil forces . He was an only devil whose name was written in holy book "Bible ". The one who wrote "The Devils Bible" himself as it was said. 

We took our VR Boxes and returned to our real lives. But it looked like game didn't left us. We were followed by a stranger wherever we went. At first I thought stranger must be from Big Tech company but I was wrong he came from game as he was flying in real world which was impossible for any human. Jessica herself noticed it and had a conversation with me on this. So we went to Big Tech office to know more about this Lucifer who came back from virtual reality game and was keeping an eye on both of us but above all we had to open some lockers from the key which arrived at present morning. We were given a warm welcome once again. Mr. Smith called both of us in his conference room where he was talking to us on video call. I told him about that mystery man following us. Mr. Smith laughed and said " Come on its just a game how could any character come out of it and tries to disturb our winners, now you both go with Clara and collect your rewards. We went with Clara but I was still thinking about Smith that he laughs in same way as Lucifer. Even his voice matches him which was showed in game after we cleared level three. But it was now time to collect our rewards. I asked Jessica to open the lockers and she did the same. We collected our rewards which were accessories related to games and from there we drove back home. But I was still thinking that something is fishy about that guy Mr. Smith so I decided to follow him and find out whether he was Lucifer in real life too. 

So at evening I went to his residence where he used to live. There was tight security everywhere but somehow I managed to get inside. I found him standing in one of hall and was talking to his daughter . But when girl turned around I was shocked she was Jessica. And Smith was his father. 

"My girl you did a great job and I am not dissappointed with you, that kid is never going to find that you were my daughter and I blocked his single entry in level two and announced you as second winner of level one and key, I did this because I never wanted any outsider to rule Big Tech". Smith said in loud voice. 

"Well he was pretty concerned about that 3D hologram graphic Lucifer flying above him though", said Jessica and she gave a wicked smile on her face. 

"It's all because of advanced technology made by my friend Dalton, he was a genius but a little fool at same time, everything he owns was due to me, I gave him a chance to show his talent to the world and made him billionaire, how could he announced that he left his wealth for someone else from outside just because he got no one of his own, everything of his belongs to me ", said wicked Smith. 

" Dad are there any new orders for me ", asked Jessica. 

" Well I think it's now time to hunt him down, my engineer made a new software for game, where You could easily kill anyone in virtual reality game. Software increases your Blood pressure, decreases heart beat and you could die from mental stroke. These killing powers would be given to Lucifer. But at same time it could even make Lucifer weak too and anyone could kill him easily, as you know every Villains you are fighting in "Legend Of The Dark World" are staff and board members of Big Tech companies, their jobs were to stop people from winning this game as it's the only source of living in 2070, if someone becomes the winner then Big Tech had to start all over again with new game to run this world ", said wicked Smith. 

I listened to their conversation but when it was over I soon left Smith's castle and went back home. I had a thought in my mind that why not go alone in that game and check whether I was still blocked or not if yes then I should work on it. It was not safe with Jessica any more. I went back in game found malfunction and repaired it as I myself was a student of software engineering. Now I was able to play all alone by myself. I went into fourth level and defeated soldiers of Lucifer but there was no sign of Lucifer at level four but I was standing at the gateway of level five. I knew I didn't have much time. I left Jessica behind so that she doesn't play any tricks with Lucifer. Now first Jessica had clear level four only then she would reach me. 

There Smith was too worried when he knew I was in level five both father and daughter dressed up with accessories and VR boxes to go inside the game. 

Now father had to get separated away from his daughter, Jessica was in level four and I had almost completed level five, then came major part of the game, Mr. Smith aka Lucifer had to accept my challenge of being "Legend Of The Dark World". We fought for hours. Lucifer had wicked magical tricks and I had magical sword and shield. But it was difficult to defeat legendary Lucifer until I got an idea, I sacrificed my self and got killed Lucifer was happy and was joyfully dancing, just then there was a sound in video game "Ting - Tong" and I was back in game, I fell from sky at lightning speed, which Lucifer aka Smith didn't noticed and I cut Lucifer into two pieces. This happened because of maddalion which I got from locker after winning level one. There back in real life Mr. Smith got electric shock over his accessories as he was terminated by me in game. The world soon realized that they had a legend between them who just won "Legend Of The Dark World" legendary game and became first champion after 25 years since game was first introduced. I got access key too which was hidden in the game. Jessica was still in level four. Everyone in Big Tech were happy and excited to know about their new business partner. Above all I was the first legend of "Legend Of The Dark World" virtual reality game. 

                             -Ivan Maximus 


  • Jul 25, 2020

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