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Accordingly; he is not sparing of invective against those who so disparage of his race.

We do not wish to disparage the work at all, or any more than is necessary to let the public know exactly what it is.

No nation, indeed, can reproach another nation with its addiction to magic without in an equal degree condemning itself.

The community splintered and the very fabric of society was consumed by this massive act of dissociation.

Our hurtful circumstances are so invasive and so immediate that only God can come between us and them.

All the evidence which exists as yet, authorizes us to do this, nor can we foresee any cause of disquiet in future.

It is not apprehension, it is rather a breathless expectancy—of what, God knows!

They are most wickedly sane, which is why their designs are filled with apprehensions. 


  • ugh

    Jul 24, 2020

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