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I was in my slumber 

imagine myself with, 

two friends of his

they come up to me, 

introduce themselves

we begin to start 

our normal conversation. 

By asking each other questions 

I’ve not know they have to same, 

things in common with me 

gradually we become best friends, 

with each other two of them start to 

feel comfortable and satisfied with me. 

How our friendship begins? 

We went to this 

massive fantasy restaurant

in Bellevue for dinner, 

after we finish eating 

went to watch a movie together, 

have a snack and some drinks 

while we’re in theater. 

When our friendship going to end? 

Our friendship never end

we do all the amazing things, 

with each other I want our friendship

to keep on going, 

I feel like I am the version of one of their 

best friend always wearing the same clothes with the very same color with long blue jeans. 

Can I be that person for many years to come? 

Why I have to be that person? 

I want his English and Spanish skills

most of all I want to be, 

an entertaining person 

kind and considerate friend, 

to others I want them to think 

of me as a good person to be around with. 

This is my fantasy dream 

I want to be in, 

never get the chance 

to become like that kind of person

I want to be in my fantasy dream 

wish my fantasy dream into reality. 


  • Jul 24, 2020

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