Tiny Golden Mysteries I Encountered Read Count : 9

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
That rainy day I packed up my bags and left. I thought of answering those questions they had in their teary wide eyes. I felt the  pain they must have been going through but without giving any second thoughts further-I rode my car and left the beautiful place that I called home.
I had no idea where would I go. I kept driving but my mind couldn't stop me from looking  past my decision of taking this jumbo step in  life.
I had nothing to give...nothing... I screamed as I drove my car outside somewhat a small abondened sort of a place.
Disapointing ife decisions, saddened situations and my numb attitude towards things in life have had enough of my patience. I had more to get more to depend and ask for than to give or show. I was a sticky leech of a burden and that sucked every ounce of patience and bearing in me. I gave up to life for it was not possible to me anymore to find myself relying on people for so many reasons. 
I was a failure at life and thats what pushed me close to this edge. The edge far from fears and difficulties maybe or maybe it is me a weak soul who escapes the reality instead of standing stead fast and face it. I don't know but for now I think distancing myself is my guard for a life with a better tomorrow. As I was finding these thoughts harf to tackle I heard some people maybe two or eeh a couple-but an old one.
Looking around in a place this barren, I din't bother looking out for them as peeking into other's business wasn't in my to-do list ever. So just sat inmy car and tried to take a slumber, in a windy night.
The hours drive had me dead tired. My eyes were about to dive into the pool of a peaceful sleep after a wracking day, I heard them again. No...not them but the old lady. This time I got down the car and managed to check up on the couple I was intentionally avoiding for half an hour. 
Well to be honest I did peek in to the little house of them in this alien land. But I din't find it my task to uncover some mystery when I have my own mysteries to solve duh.
But as the lady kept crying and screaming I runned to her voice. Her voice maped me to of course her house... As I entered the already opened door I saw an old man laying on the ground as the old lady caresses his cheeks. This old but adorable looking lady kept weeping as she pat her hands on the cheeks of this handsome looking old dude. I couldn't take in the whole dramatic scenario. Meanwhile with a confused sound I asked the lady in a loud voice "what is up, ladyyyy!!!!?!" This beauty turned her face towards me and with a painful yet caring voice whispered..."Please, help me I don't want to lose him"
To be continued...


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