31) Soldier's Love Letter(a Poetic Ballad) Read Count : 10

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Dear Lauren,

Oh love! Won't you hold me now,
Won't you say the words to me now,
Won't you touch me now,
Lauren my end is nigh,
Your silhouette has given me a sigh.

My bullets' stock is all spent,
I think its my time to crouch with my knees bent,
Let this wind shoot its final bullet on my chest,
I think i need a little rest,
I think he did what he was told,
Now he would earn his gold,
I think i'm a little bruised too,
The palate of my gore is bitter,
I'm lyin' here waitin' for my hours to fritter,
I hope soon someone would arrive from my battalion,
To hold my cadaver,
Or, i think i would be abandoned.

I have closed my eyes now,
If feels as if satan has blown the candle,
As if Alyssa left the hold of her branch,
And went away without her lover,
And  Ophelia drowned with her flowers,
And Romeo and Juliet suffered a parting grasp,
And Miranda cried for her Ferdinand,
Oh dear Lauren i know how much you love reading Shakespeare.

Lauren your envision is givin' me smiles,
How the gentle touch of your fingers 
used to gimme frights,
Still rememberin' those young nights,
Are you too,my love?
Won't forget the day i first saw you,
I was encumbered with love for you,
The clouds were intermittent,
The fields were viridescent,
That day more than ever,
The sun was shinin' on your skin,
Augmentin' the glow of my,
Queen of light.
Ah wait, when you blew your aurous hair,
When you halted your stallion,
That moment really gave me a heart attack,
It became a souvenir for me.

Lauren your emerald eyes were my mirror,
Your iris burnin' with uncanny neon light,
Always took me into consternation,
Always quelled me with their world of desire.
Won't forget the memories we made,
While i sleep now,sweetheart.

Remember the dive into the lake,
Together when we were new to each other,
Remember the fishin' amidst the lake,
Remember the burnin' of sparkles by the seaside,
Remember the romance we saw under the canopy of night sky,
Remember the trip to twin falls,
Remember our day at the wedding,
You were lookin' as a princess bride,
And then i had to obey my call of duty,
For I was standin' between the line of desire and duty,
But i had to choose duty,
I had to fray in this 'second wave',
Dyin' before my term would be considered naive,
But Lauren i couldn't take this any longer,
So i gave away my life to him.

Its been 3 years since i last saw you,
My every surreptitious move was taken,
In your memory coz i love and worship you,
More than Jesus,my saint,
I feel this macabre here will augment,
I hope this war gets abstained somewhere.

I always wished if i could hold you in my arms for once more,
I always wished if i could taste the saliva of your kiss for once more,
Wish i could hold you on my lap for once more,
Wish i could make love to you for once more,
Wish i could feel the touch of your gentle slaps for once more,
Wish if only you could water my dessicated throat,
I wish if only you could hold my head on your lap of my cadaver.

I wonder after how many days would you get this confirmation,
But darlin' just don't waste your vigour in cryin' for your dead husband,
Alas! I know you'll cry a river,
How I wish that every tear from your eyes,
Could fall on my face,
This ground isn't worth enough to feel the touch of your tears.

Lauren i don't know  if these words would,
Ever reach to you,
How i wish if there was somebody,
To send  you my love to you,
 from my grave,
My love maybe we'll meet again somewhere.

Your Richard


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    Jul 24, 2020

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