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The footsteps following me sounded closer. I ran through the empty corridors of the hospital, my heart pounding with terror. 

I turned a corner and stopped short. I had reached a dead end. Soon death found me, I was terrified it was a terror one can't describe. I was speechless too. Death was looking at me as if it was enjoying my fear. "Oh, lord what have I done, why did I do that sin which is now making me feel guilty", I thought while Surekha's dead body which came to life was watching me in anger and hatred.

Six months ago Surekha was brought to this hospital. She was in Coma. A state of profound unresponsiveness as a result of severe illness or brain injury. Patients in Coma do not open their eyes or speak or they do exhibit purposeful behaviours. Doctors went through her report before admitting her in hospital. She was a patient of brain tumor.

Surekha was young and beautiful any male could easily given his heart to her. I was there when Surekha was being admitted in hospital. I was asked to change sline water of room no. 1 bed no. 3 patient's. I saw Surekha carefully she was marvelous, her body was simply mind blowing. I started having wicked thoughts as I saw her. Thoughts of having wicked sex.

Later when Surekha got admitted in hospital I use to clean her special room and touch her body parts when there was no visitors present. She was on ventilator and a urine bag was applied to her. So I use to grab her boobs and play with her nipples for a while then I used to go in nurses quarter near hospital and fuck a nurse named Anjali. 

Anjali was my fucking partner since she joined this hospital and I was senior ward boy of hospital. I used to occupie staff residence quarters and give to those nurses or maids who let me fuck them. Even some of Doctors working in hospital were involved with me in these activities. As they were also getting to fuck nurses and maids in free. 

After three months passed by since Surekha got admitted in hospital her visitors were bored of staying at night in hospital so they started paying us hefty amount of money to take good care of Surekha. As I was senior ward boy so they paid me and asked to take special care of their girl, I assured them that they should not worry about this she's in safe hands. I was happy as my evil intentions got special approval by her guardians. Her family members decided to visit her once in a week to see her progress but they were not ready to stay at night because of their busy schedule of work. 

From that day onwards I requested my seniors to place me in night shifts. They agreed because I had good experience of night shift duties. Hence every night I used to play freely with Surekha's heavey boobs. I used to squeeze them, play with nipples with one hand and sometimes I used to lick her nipples and masturbate with another hand. It turned into habbit. I used to feel incomplete until I pressed her boobs and masturbate. 

Months passed by like this but just a day ago I was too drunk that night I went into Surekha's room for my routine masturbation. I pulled out her buttons and started playing with her boobs. I was madly squeezing them. I pressed her nipples hard. I was filled with lust. I was madly mastubating with my left hand. I closed my eyes as I was near to that extreme pleasure but before that I opnend my eyes and was shocked Surekha was looking at me she woke up from her long sleep after she went in Coma. I was speechless and ashamed. I thought this girl was going to tell everything to her guardians so I pulled out her oxygen mask and placed a pillow on her face to suffocate her until she was dead. Within few minutes she died. I placed everything on its place as it was earlier and came out of that room. 

Later this morning she was declared dead by the doctors but due to some paper work to be done her body was not handed to her family members and was kept in morgue. Tonight I decided to go in morgue and fulfill my desire. I thought to fuck her as now her body was cleaned and there would be no urine bag attached to her. I was fucking her suddenly her dead body reacted . I was filled with terror and ran from there to save my life and now I came at dead end . No where to run. 

I senior ward boy Raju died last night of heart attack and was found at hospital this morning. I paid for my sins. 

                           - Ivan Maximus 


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    Corbin Carroll

    pretty good

    Jul 24, 2020

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