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The car sped through the dark night, it's headlights flashing, warning the incoming traffic, Brian O'Neil accelerated it's engine and soon it seemed as if it was flying on road. I said O'Neil to slow down the vehicle but he was on fire. He was not listening, now we were far away from traffic and was on highway. Sign board said thanks for visiting Polperro, Cornwall, England, it's one of Cornwall's prettiest village, it's photogenic jumble of ancient fisherman's houses clinging to steep hillsides around a petite, postcard-perfect harbor. Quirky shops and great sea food restaurants stand side by side along its narrow traffic - free streets and coastal footpaths provide spectacular views and access to wonderful beaches. We decided to start our journey in evening as London is just 239 miles 384.633 km away from Polperro. 

We came to meet O'Neil's family living in this beautiful village. 

I and O'Neil were in relationship since we first met at college. We used to meet each other after our studies were over and we were on jobs. 

I run a boutique as I was a fashion designer and O'Neil worked in a press as a reporter. We both had a great life back there at London. But it looked like O'Neil was in the mood of ruining everything because he was driving the car in full speed. I told him to slow down but it looked as if he was in rush to reach London.

Suddenly an animal came in front of our car, O'Neil pushed breaks paddle with all his strength but poor creature got crushed. We both came out of the car and decided to take a look at that injured animal. It was taking its last breath.

"Look what have you done, didn't I said to slow down the vehicle bit but O'Neil was driving in Formula One race", I screamed at O'Neil who was standing next to me with hands over his head showing he made a big mistake.

"Hey I am sorry about this okay, I didn't saw it coming, this cat came in front of my car suddenly from nowhere ", said O'Neil with a bit of sadness in his voice.

"Don't you get it, it's a bad luck", I screamed once again as if I got annoyed of O'Neil's behavior.

"My luck is you my love now let's get back in car we have long journey ahead", said O'Neil showing a bit romance . I got carried away by O'Neil's words and we started our journey again. But now it looked like there came a sense of responsibility in his driving after that incident.

Soon we both were starving due to hunger. It was a mid night and we can't see anything miles away. Suddenly I saw some lightning far away. It looked as it was some kind of motel because of huge sign board lighting. 

But O'Neil was confirmed as there was any motel before on this highway or not. He visited his family after ten years. He thought maybe it was recently made. 

We parked our car outside its parking. And went into motel's restaurant. We were starving to death. So we used its bathrooms first then we washed and dried our hands. Then we came and sat on one of its table. 

A waitress in Tshirt and in tight jeans came and asked for our orders. We went to restaurant's menu and agreed together on lamb's curry (lamb's mutton dish)with some buns and two beers. Waitress was writing in her small writing pad. O'Neil was looking at her. It looked as if he was interested in her sexy figure and vulgarity in her eyes. She was too giving wicked smile to him. 

At last she took our orders and went into the kitchen. We were both talking about O'Neil's village and their fishermen's lives. 

Soon waitress brought two chilled beer and we both took a good sip of it then kept beer mug on table. 

We kept on discussion about his village. 

In fifteen minutes waitress brought our dinner. I took a good look at it, it was nicely prepared with mutton looked tempting and juicy. Now we were busy in eating that delicious dish. 

Soon we finished our dinner and ordered for another mugs of beer as we sat there for a while. And O'Neil got few more minutes to see that vulgar sexy waitress. We finished our beer but O'Neil decided and said "Why don't we stay in one of motel's room and begin our journey after breakfast it's already 1:00 am". O'Neil had a point so we both agreed to take a night stay. We asked waitress to add dinner bill in our account because we were about to stay in one of motel's room. 

Motel was empty there was no customer staying in any of its rooms. We easily got a room on first floor next to staircase. 

As we entered our room O'Neil threw himself on bed "Oh lord I am so tired ", said O'Neil as he took his shoes off. 

"Yeah I am feeling sleepy too, did you locked the car before coming", I asked him. 

"Yes here they are", he said and took keys out of his pocket and kept it on table beside the bed on which night lamp was kept. 

Soon we were in our deep sleep. We were tired driving . But suddenly I heard a sound like someone was playing with a ball. I opened my eyes and there was lightning at the door. A small kid was playing with a ball. I looked at him or you could say we were both looking at each other. I looked at O'Neil, he was sleeping, I shook him but he didn't woke up. Suddenly boy called me by my name . I followed him as he was walking in corridor and it seemed he was trying to take me somewhere. He stood before a door and I was standing just a few foot steps away from him. The door opened and he instantly went inside, I followed him and went into the room but I was unable to see that boy. It was dark in there, I switched on the lights. But only a bulb came into light. It was sufficient to take a good look at room. Suddenly in one corner I saw that little boy he had chopped his leg with chopper's blade, he was covered with blood and in his hand he carried his one leg which he threw at me and said "You ate my leg filthy bitch". I was scared I covered my face with my hands. 

Soon I opened my eyes and saw I was still on bed but O'Neil was not present in room. I moved away from my bed to search him. 

I looked at every corner of that motel but there was no sign of him, suddenly I saw O'Neil was having sex with that waitress both were half naked, they ran from there as they saw me. I followed them and went into a room which was some kind of slaughter room and pieces of body parts were hanging. But just then somebody caught me from behind and tied me with ropes. They were two people. Soon they brought O'Neil with his head sliced off and kept his dead body on one of the table present in room. 

I was crying madly when I saw Brian O'Neil's dead body. But now it was of no use. A man who was at reception was dissecting him and taking out his internal body organs, he looked at me and said " Soon it would be your turn, we would sell your internal organs to a hospital and rest of your body parts would be cooked for customers who passes by comes in our restaurant, get satisfied by our delicious mutton dishes, same as you ordered lamb's curry made of 7years old boy leg pieces". 

"You enjoyed that dish don't you, now somebody will enjoy you", he continued and gave an evil smile. I was helpless so I thought in my mind that why did we come to this "Death Motel". 

                           -Ivan Maximus 


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