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I feel like I have a stone instead of heart,
 Sometimes I think I have become invisible
 When I need someone, 
 And I'm only seen when they need me.  
Yeah, only when they need me. 

My hands are bleeding,
 My soul has an open wound.
My bones are drowned, 
The earth is dancing with my thoughts.

  I feel their words 
Like arrows aimed at my head.
 I can't defend myself, 
I'm preparing for death. 

 I feel that I have no more emotions, 
No tears to flow.
They left me dry,
 Singing sad songs.  

I no longer see the colors,
 Only black and white inside me.
And my heartbeat is full of regrets,
I feel like I have a stone instead of heart.


  • Jul 23, 2020

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