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I missed you today. It was a rainy, muggy day. You were brought up at work a couple of times and it made me sad. Christine said that she washed the throw pillows and blankets that she picked up from your apartment the day you broke up with me. She wanted to know what she should do with them, and I couldn’t give her an answer. It’s been almost two months since that day that you broke it off through a message, and I still don’t know what to do with the things. I definitely don’t want to keep them, I have enough daily reminders of you. She offered to try and sell them on Facebook market and I agreed. Maybe someone else will enjoy the map themed throw pillow that read “our adventure begins” in navy blue lettering. The navy blue theme was your idea for the living room. I never thought “our adventure” would only last 2 months. Barbra said that she missed you, she said that she felt like you died, because she couldn’t talk to you or see you. I understand you doing that with me, but why’d you feel the need to cut them out of your life too? They were your friends. We were all friends. We went out together, we worked together, we had dinner together, all the time. My favorite is when we would make dinner(mostly you doing the cooking ) and invite them over. We did that a few times, We had so much fun. Barbra would always joke that we were a “we” now, and I guess we moved to fast, but we were a “we.” I did your laundry a few times, I organized your closet, you made dinner, I washed the dishes, you gave me a key to the apartment. You called it “our” apartment. Remember our first night in that apartment? I remember how happy you were that you got approved for it. You were so ready to have your own place. We made love for the first time that night. That’s funny to think about, knowing that Katherine lives there with you now. 


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