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I had a shower and absorbed what my gran had told me I accept what she said no matter how daft it sounds it has to be true she is alive and hear so what else can I do but accept it she is a vampire and I guess I am to well if I chose it I sit on the bed and turn on the tv and I laugh True Blood is the first thing to come on I leave it on and watch it I do love Eric Northman he is so good looking and bad at the same time I used to watch this all the time I loved it always said it would be good to be in with all the supernatural now it’s happening it’s weird a knock at the door makes me jump I go over and open Shane stands there in trousers no top holding pizza in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other I move aside and let him in he looks so good I give myself a shake no Carmel stop it don’t think like that he sits on the bed I follow him and sit beside him “I didn’t want you to be alone on your first night I hope you don’t mind” I shake my head and open the pizza “well as long as you don’t mind watching True blood with me as I’m not turning it over” I giggle he looks at me puzzled “True Blood it’s a vampire film well not a film it’s more a show and it’s good I’m in love with Eric Northman and well I find it funny now” I laugh he looks at the tv “never seen it never really watched tv before and really you are the only one with a tv here we don’t bother with it but I will give it a go nothing better to do anyway” he scoots up and leans on the pillow getting compfy I scoot up beside him leaving the pizza at the bottom and lie on my side watching it. I wake up with my arm and leg over Shane who was still hear I pull away from him “sorry I do that a lot no one likes to sleep beside me as I always put myself over them” I put on a fake smile embarrassed “no worries I liked it I like you so it was good for me” he grins at me I feel better and pull at my night dress it was white and the only thing that was for bed in the big unit I’m more of a shorts and T-shirt girl but after a shower and no clothes this was all that was there and clean so I put it on.


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