When I Can't See You Read Count : 44

Category : Poems

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When I can't see you,
 I turn blind.  
When I can't talk to you, 
I lose all the words.

When I can't hear your voice, 
I can't hear anyone.
  When I know nothing about you, 
I turn blue and upset.  

I want to sing about my pain, 
Setting fire to my words.
I want to let my mind free
 From the burden of high expectations. 

 When I miss you, 
You hit me hard in the chest.
When I want to kiss you, 
I feel your kiss already in the corner of my lips.

  When I can't touch you,
 I feel you on my skin.
  When I can't see you, 
I dream I'm close to your chest.

 When I see you,
 I fall in love again, 
When you disappear,
 I lose my heart again.


  • Jul 23, 2020

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