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The eyes of a woman,
Holds a dangerous disguise,
Holds an uncanny sorcery than burns,
Could take your whole lifetime to learn!
 eyes of a woman have the power,
To get a man's fears come undone,
Holds a perilious power of attraction,
To not to leave from her bond of infatuation,
A power to trap him into her charms,
From where you can't vanish from the sight of her arms.

The eyes of a woman,
Delves you into her ocean of mysteries,
To save you from the atrocities,
of this world,
they hold the whole universe,
Can even turn you crazy with their love,
Leavin' with no chance of reimburse.
Eyes of a woman are as,
Green as an emerald,
As blue as a tanzanite and sapphire,
As yellow as a 'yellow diamond',
As black as an obsidian,
As brown as an andalusite,
Can produce a flame as white as a magnesium,
And as violet as an argon!!
Oh dear! The eyes of a woman are diverse.


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