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Trapped in these caliginous walls,
A cry of affliction calls its lover,
Wishing her to  sprinkle her love on him as a shower,
Without her he's sure to fall.

Romantic love calls in for fake vows,
She has become flimsy without him,
O sweet girl! just move on from this dim,
Now she wishes for someone to tell  her avow.

The call on his phone gave no answers,
The wife makes brooding images in her imagination,
Expressing her distress through her pertubation,
Prayin' to save him from all dangers.

 Her hubby gets caught with another woman,
Pity on this poor wife coz now she calls for an annulment,
Deceiver hubby doesn't look happy with this abhorrent,
I hope he would spend his days in allurement,
With this new woman.

Another husband doesn't seem to be happy,
With her wife's treatment,
Coz she doesn't give him his fulfillment,
This 'worthless' man in her eyes is still sappy.

He is still unable to decipher her demeanour,
This arduous wife is his knight,
Holds his shoulder in times of plight,
And he's thinkin' that she's his maneuver.

Another one catches her discreetly,
Into the merry makin' with another,
Files her divorce for she's caught with another,
It hurts too much internally.

Now she's back again callin' her 'love',
And i'm afraid he doesn't feel much of anything,
"Coz you've squandered everything",
The love wasn't true indeed of these doves.


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