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I was on my knees crying I could not believe what I was seeing I was shaking “hello my dear beautiful girl come hear” she hold out her arms but I couldn’t move I was in shock shshe comes over to me and wraps me up in a hug I manage to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight “how is this possible gran is this real omg I don’t even care I don’t want to leave if I’m dreaming don’t wake me if I’m dead I don’t care if this is what it’s like and I’m o have you back I’ll stay forever I have missed you so much” after all this time the pain of losing her is gone I feel whole again “my dgirl at girl this is real I’m real I’m with you again you never have to leave if you don’t want to we are together again at last” she moved so sh could see me I wipe away my tears I am so happy right now “ we have a lot to talk about and I’m sorry I left you I had to at that time to keep you safe my dear Carmel I am royal blood I am Vampire and you are to you took after me but your sister did not I could tell from birth you were like me now you are of age and the danger is come for you I want you safe with me so I sent my best Shane for you” she spent the next couple of hour telling me about our family and history “Shane show Carmel her room let her rest she will need it for what’s to come go dear with Shane we will talk more tomorrow I have a lot to arrange tonight” she stood I started to panic I didn’t want to leave her “don’t worry dear this is all real I promise I will come see you when you have had some rest and time to think over what has been said here tonight I love you” she kisses my cheek “I love you to gran” and sh leaves Shane leaves the room and I follow we go down a hall and get puns a corner to a white door he opens it and I step in but turn to him “I’m in the room there across from you so if you need anything let me know or if you want you can just come sleep in my bed it’s big enough for both of us” he grins I give him the middle finger “keep dreaming Ace” he laughs and leaves shutting the door behind him I sit on the bed still in a littl shock.


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