My Vampire. Chapter 6 Read Count : 16

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I was sitting in the car with a 3 big bulky men I turn to the one who grabbed me “very funny Ace now let me go you have had your fun” I grown he laughs pulling me closer “well babe the thing is I can’t so let’s be quiet n relax till we get there” he winks I growl at him “my name is not Babe it’s Carmel I’m no pig” the anger was building up “my name is Shane not Ace and I guess we don’t like our nicknames eh so be nice and I know you are not a pig Babe” he looks me up and down and winks I told my arms and sit back waiting till I get out the car and find out what the hell is going on. We must have been driving for a couple of hours before stopping we got out and Shane pulled me up into his arms “now don’t fuss you have no shoes on and I will put you down when we get inside” I was about to argue when I look up and see the place we were going into it was well if I said a mansion that would be wrong as it was bigger wider more beautiful my mouth fell open and we went up to the door it was guarded by 2 men with guns Shane said something to them I didn’t hear then they stepped aside and let us threw Shane didn’t put me down until we got into a big hall and he gently put me on my feet smiling and pointed to a huge chair sitting alone in this huge room it was all gold and cream walls and floor candles burning along the wall the chair was matching and we walked over to the front of the chair Shane was first he knelt down whispered something and beckoned me over I walk slow to face the person sitting in the chair my mouth falls open and the tears run from my eyes my legs give way and I fall not taking my eyes of the woman sitting there the woman I loved the one who raised me was always there for me my grandmother . 


  • Jul 22, 2020

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