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My precious Love,
I know that the day you'll be reading this letter is a Incognito, but to me it is exactly three in the morning of the bloom of 1940 and I can't sleep, but let's be real if somebody was in my situation who would've? I can't help thinking about you. All the parts of my body are shaking, I am sweating so much, my heart is racing so fast and loud like the cannons that we fire almost every day. It feels like I'm trying to camouflage my insecurence behind this army uniform. Every day it's been like this every since I left you. Do you feel the same, Love? 
    You know, it's been a while that our stares don't find each other,our hands don't touch, the simplicity of these days bothers me. Love, I promised that the cruelty of this world wouldn't get us apart, but I failed. Failed the promise that I made to you. Although, i hope you understand me, I had no choice. Because If one day the destiny wanted to get you out of reach of me I would feel guilty, i would feel so ashamed, Love! So I will fight not just for my life, but for us. I will fight and I will come out of this battle victorious, because our love is my prize, you are, Love! I miss you so much! And yes, i sound as desperate as I am to see you again, to kiss you, to touch you, too feel you. Don't you feel the same, Love? It may sound crazy, but I superstitiously keep I picture of you on my pocket every where I go, and I do think every won battle was somehow because of you. Thinking of you is my scapatory to my anxiety, the darkest days that I've been facing lately. I just want you to know that I love you and I would do anything, go anywhere as long as the destiny of the road it'd be getting back to you. Your existence makes everything in my life meaningless, because everytime I question the reason why I'm battling, it appears you on my mind, I picture you with your priceless smile and then, I remember, "it's for him that I'm fighting for!".
    Well.... I think I've written everything I wanted to say to you, now tell me about you. Do you feel as scared as I am? Are you feeling as desperate as I am? Do you miss me as I miss you? Do you still love me as I do?....Love...


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