It Is You Read Count : 15

Category : Poems

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It is your love that makes me grow,
 It is the strong rhythm of your heart beating,
That teaches me how to sing for you
 Your favorite songs among my heart beating. 

 Your love has taken deep roots in my soul 
And I hide in your arms 
When I want to forget the world.  

It's your voice that wakes me up in the morning
 Before I drink the strong coffee you made for me.
 It's the sweet kiss I feel 
When you kiss me like no one else did.  

It is that feeling of security that I am for you
 And you are for me,
And we fight to fulfill the same dream, 
Uniting our hearts in the name of love.

  It is your gaze that brings me new horizons, 
It is your hand that holds me tight
 When I have the feeling that everything
 Has fallen around us.


  • Jul 22, 2020

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