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I thought you're  the one 
I don't  need you to prove me wrong 
Don't  make me wrong
I want to make you understand  
About you i felt a way i could  stand 
I just need something  to change my mind 
To remain into your life i don't  mind 
Because  you're  one of the kind 

I just wanna find a way to say 
I just knee down  and look start pray 
Sooner  or later I'll  find a way 
I just want to hold your hand and tell you it okay 
I know you have something  to say 
I haven't  changed on you...
I'll  keep on trying  till i get to you 
Every talk i get daily it about you 
I don't  know what to do now for you 
Tell what i have to do for you 

Coz to you i found joy n happiness
It hurting me inside but um speechless  
Always  blaming myself saying maybe  I'm  careless 
Hopefully  you're  a witness..
But still i wanna say i L....
Don't  know  where to start  but i l.....
I lost everyone i had in my life
Today I'm  standing here alone 
Sometimes  i wish I'm  gone 💔
You're  special and loved

By:Sanele ntuli


  • Jul 21, 2020

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