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The day i leave this world will i be remembered??
Will i be remembered for the words i wrote to change people's lives 
Will  anyone come up and tell about the  real me?
I don't  need those  kind of people 
Who will stand up there and talk  lies about me 
I don't  need  people who wasn't  there  for me 
I don't  need them to say words they never say when I'm  alive
Because  I'll  no longer hear them 
I don't  need  people i called friends 
Because  they were walking  behind  my back 
I mean why they don't  appreciate  me while I'm  still alive 
Why they don't  show me love while I'm  still alive
Why they  love  me when I'm  gone 

No one wanna post me while I'm  still alive 
I need no one who never post  
Begin to  post me  when I'm  gone 
They never check me if I'm  okay  
And why they  wanna check me when I'm  gone?  
People  i gave my everything  will left arguing  
Arguing  about my things i left  when I'm  gone 
Arguing  about what i worked hard for...
Things that they didn't  put anything  to help me out
What about  the lies that were  told about me 
Will they ever be revealed ??
The people i hurt
Will they ever forgive me??
The questions i used to ask 
Will they be answered??
 People i showed love 
Will i be forever  be in their hearts??

I don't  need their respect  when I'm  gone 
I don't  need their  opinions  about me when I'm  gone 
I don't  need enemies  to fake  tears when  I'm  gone  
Because i know them deep inside they're  happy that I'm  gone 
I don't  need my family  to cry when I'm  gone 
I need them to smile and say R.I.P When  I'm  gone 

Because  i did my best for them 
I did my best to do everything for them.
Because  I'll  be gone far away where they won't  ever get to meet me
Because  I'm  going to a better place 
A place with no pains and lies 
With  no corruption  and hunger 
A better place with no fake friends and  backstabbers
 A place  where I'm  gonna rest when I'm  gone 

By : Sanele ntuli


  • Jul 21, 2020

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