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If I can't walk, 
Then I will run to you.
If I can't erase the past,
Then I will write it again for you.  

The back rolls on the grass, 
The eyes count all the stars
That can no longer shine in the dark. 

If I feel weak, 
I take a deep breath, 
Straighten my hair
And use a wrinkled dream. 

I become unstoppable
When others tell me to stop. 
I become untouchable
When others think I can get caught.  

If I can't speak to you,
Then I'll write.
If I can't feel you, 
Let me live your dreams.  

Love is like a plane,
Traveling a lot through my veins. 
When the hand meets your fingers, 
Any dream becomes real.


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    Jul 21, 2020

  • Jul 21, 2020

  • its amazing

    Jul 21, 2020

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