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wanted your sincerity, 
Not your usual lies.
I wanted you by my side, 
Not always to be gone. 

I wanted you to tell me things, 
Not hide them from me.
  I wanted you here, 
But you couldn't be there for me.  

And I told you from the beginning
"Do not disappoint me, baby", 
But you did the opposite.
Now you are crying but your tears
Can't make things go right for me.  

I wanted you to be, 
The right person next to me, 
To wake up together in the morning
And the mirror in which to look at my soul 
When it felt tired.
But you chose to be like them,
The ones who hurt me and then they dissapear. 

I wanted your soul, 
Not your body.
I wanted your smile
Over your darkness.  

I was waiting for you here, 
But you chose to come back late.
And the flowing tear,
Washes away your betrayal from my chest.


  • Jul 21, 2020

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