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You make me fly even when I fall.
  You catch me fast, 
Even when I'm low. 

You raise me up, 
When I want to go down.
You bring me down, 
When I want to go slow.

  You like to play,
I can't find you when I need you the most.
You like to hide, 
To run into other arms.

  You smile to me when you see me crying, 
When you leave alone, 
You make me feel dizzy.  

You catch me,
You light me, 
You make me feel wrong
Going to the right places.  

You make me feel insecure 
When you release me from your arms.
You make me feel beautiful 
When I receive your tender kiss on the cheek. 

You make me fall in love 
When you give me reasons to hate you.
You make me dream 
When I have my eyes open.


  • Jul 21, 2020

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