I Can Sleep Better Read Count : 17

Category : Poems

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I can sleep better with you in my arms 
Than with the phone in my hand.  
I can breathe more freely now 
That I can use your soft breath
As part of my heart beating.  

I can close my eyes safely
Now that you've closed yours next to me. 
Oh, I don't need a picture to see you around. 

I can smile more without thinking 
I live in a dream. 
So long away,
Now so close, 
I rented my life for you.

  You say:" Good night", 
But I want this night to be endless, 
To kiss you at every heartbeat
That jumps in the name of lovers.

  I feel you here, 
Not only in my chest but also in my arms, 
God how beautiful you can be
While you sleep next to my lips.


  • Jul 21, 2020

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