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As the days continue to get light longer, 
My feelings for you grow ever  stronger.

We are like two shadows      passing in the nights....
As we get close to each other the stars send down a brilliant array of lights.

The lights are so bright it looks like the middle of a sunny day,
 It gives the appearance of one of the most beautiful days in May.

Sunlight makes our flowers and gardens grow,
Sunlight also makes grass grow so you have to mow.

Sunlight makes you and I grow close like a mother and her newborn fawn,
And as the sunlight anounces a new day it is for you and I a brand new dawn.

As the light engulfes us it's not to make us smoother,
But it is to keep us together forever.

And mother of my Heart just remember coming on the wings of a beautiful Morning Dove,
Carrying many warm thoughts and prayers, hugs and kisses and of course my Love.

For you Mom are my Light,
Shining ever so Bright.

Like the lit snow covered peaks of a Mountain,
And the glow of a Beautiful Water Fountain.
     Author: Cherie L Comstock


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