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Life became miserable after my Mother's death, everything changed. I thought my life was coming to an end.Tension arose whereby my Auntie started turning against me and that is were it all started.

My father never wanted me from the day I was born, if it were up to him, he could have aborted me.He denied me and left my Mother while she was pregnant but his family accepted me to a point that my Grandmother raised me.my mother died when I was 9 years old and that is when my Grandma took me in.She loved me and I'm grateful for that but growing up wasn't easy.

 My auntie decided to take me to her place as my Grandma was getting  old. She Promised my Grandmother that she was going to take good care of me, Pay my school fees..I moved in with her and that is when I started facing reality. She started abusing me Physically and emotionally, she was treating me like her Slave, Sometimes I was going to bed with an empty Stomach, She even stopped paying my school fees and forced me to go and seek for job.

Every time I was praying asking God to take me out of her house likely my prayers were answered. One day I decided to risk everything and take a chance of running away..My plan was successful, I ran away and went to stay with my Friend's family and the accepted me.From that day I knew that I did no need her and my life was better off without her and I now know why my Mother never liked her..


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