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Man craves dominance.
Dominance impacts man's action, man's decision, man's life.
But man is not wise, not wise enough to choose carefully. To choose carefully their words, their action, their decision. Unknown to man is that dominance illudes invisibility and illusionised invisibility is quite dangerous because it's soley an illusion and nothing else.
Man thinks he fools the world, but mistaken he is, because he fools himself only, because the world can see though his alleged illusion.
Man is reckless and his recklessness angers the world sparking conflict and so they complain of their dissatisfaction in the hopes of being heard but their complaints fall on deaf ears then they protest, protest against the power of which their oppression emerges but the arrogant man refuses to get involved. Then another man of power is compelled to join the party of protesters and parties clash, for the prize of dominance and then there was war.

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