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A photograph, as is it.
A photograph, captured, is wonder.
Or is it?
A moment in time. Frozen. A form of Time travel?
And there it is depicting, depicting the air, the sound, the feeling.
Depicting the pain, the comfort, the smile, that laugh, that tear drop, the sadness, the fear, the movement, that expression, that emotion,the selflessness, the heartlessness, the cruelty, the stupidity. Frozen, all frozen in time.
And there it is depicting, depicting, depicting the air, the loud sound, the silent sound, the dead sound, the deaf sound.
Depicting the feeling, the overwhelming feeling, the subtle feeling, the elaborate feeling.
Depicting the pain, the immense pain, the unbearable pain, the choking pain, the psychological pain.
Depicting that smile, that uncontainable smile, that hidden smile, that pained smile, that painted smile.
Depicting that teardrop, that slithering tear drop, that clawing teardrop trying to rip itself out of the personage.
Depicting the sadness, all the sadness, the ripping, silent, sadness.
Depicting the fear, the gripping fear, the freezing fear.
And there it is depicting so much more than I can mention.
Photographs, pictures.
Wonderful and haunting.

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