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We awoke in a new kingdom,
We were both still lovers,
Somewhere near the docks,
We walked together hand in hand.

Then when night came
We walked into a nightclub,
The place was filled with revellers
Dancing to loud music
Drinking and having fun.

I called for you
You looked at me
And walked away
You lost yourself in the large crowd.

I felt so small
So lost without you next to me
So I stayed near the entrance
The place you left me
Hoping you'd come looking for me
And I would win you back.

Time passed
I ended up in a fight
And I'm not one for violence
So I got thrown out
The fight carried on outside
Ended pushing the other guy
Off the pier into water
When he climbed out
He called it a day
Much to my relief
Yet we had been seen.

Fighting was frowned upon
In this new kingdom
So we where set a challenge
For us to complete
The guards had placed clues
We all had to follow
Which led to an object
We had to bring back
To prove we had finished the challenge.

Me, the guy I fought
And two other guys
That were caught fighting
That same night
Set about on our way
Letting the clues show us the way
We wondered around the place
Like a labyrinth 
Towards the castle. 

I got there third to the finish
The task complete,
The only two objects remaining
Were braces and a walking stick 
I picked up the braces and headed back.

When I returned to the pier
A guard inspected the braces I found
They had red and golden seal on them
Along its edges and exclaimed
"these are royal"
"You are royalty now".

With my new title under my belt
Having to wear the braces
To prove my new regal status
I found you
You fell back in love with me
And we settled down
In this new town
In this new kingdom.


  • another dream of mine, loved it, the place was ancient made up of dark stone and canals yet it was all highly modernised and refurbished everywhere. Didnt want to wake up 😊😊 but happy to be here instead ha ha

    Jul 21, 2020

  • Jul 21, 2020

  • Jul 21, 2020

  • Aug 02, 2020

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