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So I ran away
Wanted to get away
Left the past behind
To find
A new place to live
Somewhere else to exist.

Found an open door
Fell for its allure 
And got a meal
Made a deal
Got a room and a bed of a dame
And played on a console game.

Then you found me
You lay beside me
Convinced me to come back home
Koz ya felt all alone
Without my company
You were so lonely.

So we walked down stairs
Left that lair
To see another person removed
Being wheelboroughed 
Because they were so fat
Like a big round lazy cat.

We decided to make tracks
But before we got back
You decided to run
Dodging cars for fun
On a dangerous street
Giving me the keeps.

Felt so bad I ran away
Felt worse seeing you run
And nearly die.


  • Aug 02, 2020

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