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I'm tired of living in this dystopia.

I'm tired of people yelling about George Floyd, but none of the victims of Black lives matter.

I'm tired of people ignoring the fact Black Lives Matter are killing 8 year olds. 

I'm tired of everything being political.

I'm tired of this propaganda, about how Black Lives Matter is for all lives, but All Lives Matter is racist.

I'm tired of pedophiles controlling the government, and media.

I'm tired of people ignoring the fact that people who threaten the elites, are found dead, and it's always dismissed as a suicide.

I'm tired of people saying you can't go outside, or you have to wear a mask in the stores, but Black Lives Matter is protesting, and roiting, touching each other, but every turns a blind eye.

I'm tired of the fact that saying 'china lied, people died' is seen as racist, despite the fact that it's a criticism of the Chinese government.

And I'm sad to say Oceania is starting to look transparent.


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