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   Sometimes we are led to believe the cruelest of ideologies. That it is okay to characterize people by their skin or color of their eyes. Blood has stained our country deeply in a manner befitting a much lower strat is than what our people deserve. Social injustice has been exposed for the unjust system it is. Rich over poor, white over brown, power over fear, this is the ills which preceded our homeland during this cold area. An era of violence and the corrupt abuse of our leaders. Our leaders who failed to uphold their olds to stand up for the righteousness avoid America originally stands for. Equality and Justice for everyone is what America originally meant to represent. The fair ideology of not judging people simply by what they believe religiously or racially. This is what America stood for.
   There is now a sickness which plagues America at it's highest peak. The president of the United States and Members of Congress have served the very value of the ideas our country has stood for. Instead of investigating issues these people have ignored problems countless times which threaten the very essence of our country. We gave them freedom for their companies, we gave them our hard work to make them well, and how do they repay us when we shed our blood for them? They don't repay us with the respect that we deserve. They do not repay us for the sacrifices we make daily so they can live privileged lives acting like they're above everyone else.
    As a boy I believed that our country was the best country in the world. I was disillusioned by the disillusioned buy the fake realities they wanted to teach us. America itself is one of the most hypocritical nations in our world, not because of the people but because of what the leaders do. The amount of control they exert over the common-man. I am talking about a form of manipulation to get the people to do their bidding. I shake my head in my heart at the start of the porting innocent people that were born in our homeland to a place that they don't know or never lived at.
   I would like to ask how many of you would be willing to be sent off to the country would you knew nothing about? Where is your origin from? The majority of mine is from Germany. Granted my family came over here in the 1800s before there were laws regarding immigration. They came over here hoping to start a new life for themselves, a better life hoping for a better economy and succeeded running their own farm for years which has been in my family for several decades. Would it be fair to send me back to Germany, just because I was born in the United States without any immigration papers from the 1800s? I was born in America, I attended American schools, and I faced American struggles. I believe in the value our country stood for. Maybe I'm still carrying that innocent boy that believes it's possible to accomplish what we originally set out to do. The only time I fight someone else's 1st Amendment rights is when it threatens another person's rights.
    This is what I've perceived to be the American way. It's the American way that comes from my heart and the beliefs I was taught as a boy. I lived in an age where we did the Pledge of Allegiance every morning is a child, and then that slowly changed as it made some people feel uncomfortable because they didn't understand it. Even as children, we didn't talk about what the pledge actually meant. My heart beats with the same feelings and emotions as everyone else's. I bleed red just like my brothers and sisters who have brown skin for those who have sexual preferences differing from my own ideology. I do not agree with some ideologies, and as I said before that is where I will draw one line every time.
   At first, I thought we had achieved phenomenal standings over the years. And then you realize a hundred years has passed by and we are no better off than what we originally were. Our accomplishments are nothing to be cheered and celebrated. They are subpar to where we should have been in the first place. Thomas Jefferson believed this, as he wrote the Constitution the first time he wanted to give freedom to all the slaves. Congress said no, the southern states refused to cooperate with him. As soon as he mentioned freeing the slaves, the South threatened to start a civil war. Of course the Civil War didn't break out until Abraham Lincoln, when we readdressed the liberties those people that were stolen away from their forests and homeland.
    Several civil rights activists have died from the past, many who stood their ground to the worst kind of abuse possible. I thought we were past that age, where we could come to an understanding by speaking to each other. Instead our government when threatened tries to weaponize the people against each other in a way that they shed blood while they still stay on top. They still make their riches sneering at the innocent people who lose their lives. We need to go further than where we are at today. We needed to be a lot further along than where we're standing at right now.
   Where is the decency and the common sense of our people? Is it okay to take a firearm into school? Not really, why would you want to be taking a firearm into a place of Education with a few exceptions. I'm talking about protecting our children, and not just children of my own that I'm concerned about. I'm concerned about the future of our nation, and the pain and suffering such trauma leaves on a child. We never practiced active shooter drills in my school. This was something that I never expected to be admitted into a place of Education.
   The lawmakers want to make this about your second amendment rights, but let me ask you an honest question. Would you be walking into a place of Education with a firearm strapped to your belt? I wouldn't think this would be necessary for most individuals. This is just one form of Injustice which we watch every day in the states. More guns doesn't mean more people are protected. And simply means there's a higher risk of accidents.
   Meanwhile other plagues have gone undealt with regarding social injustice and communities. Here we are again talking about racial rights, which we had originally addressed on several occasions. With a very little accomplishment to celebrate the apparently. When civilians stand out there on the streets during a civil march begging to be heard, what does our leader do? He allows armed thugs carrying military weapons to abuse these people. They allow them to act like a mercenary group, kidnapping people off the streets and putting them in unmarked vehicles. This is unjustified for our country oh, and the fact that we have to beg our leaders to do something about it is sickening.
    I know some of these people aren't the bed of roses, but they are human beings who believe that people have been treated unjustly. Our leaders created this rift trying to manipulate you into spilling your brother's blood so the blood is on your hands and not theirs. They're using your beliefs and ideology to try to tell you how to think in the act. Donald Trump, wants to claim he's protecting you but what kind of man says is he okay for people working as law enforcement officials to attack your neighbors?
    We should be standing together against this Injustice, but they would rather manipulate you into thinking that immigrants are trying to destroy your world. If you lose your job, it's not the immigrant's fault that that company gave the job to. It's the company's decision to play games with people's lives. If they want to save money by hiring people for much lower costs, this needs to be addressed in our court system. It needs to be addressed not only through policy, but by making sure that they can't be allowed to manipulate our system in such a way. It is time that we take the fight to the right sources. Our leaders have sat on their false accomplishments for far too  their is in justice, and if we must fight an army let's raise one.


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