The Genetic Experiment Read Count : 13

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Science Fiction
One day a scientist took a Ant and his DNA and mixed it together, he put it in a container and waited.
After waiting about 10 days, he opened the container and he saw a little boy, the little boy had a human face and a human body, but he had an ant's mind, the scientist made small clothes for him and he also made a small land of moss and built buildings for the tiny human, he named him "David" he named the land "Antland" David was the emperor of the ants, he met a female ant named Dorothy, together they gave birth to a daughter named Zertera.
The scientist told Zertera that her father was a construct created in a lab, Zertera hearing this became feeble and disturbed, she told everyone in the royal court about her father they rebelled against him and years later he died.
The Empire was in a ferocious war deciding who should reign, but the empress, Dorothy said "I still reign which means whoever I marry can reign" she married Anthony and they ruled for a while


  • great

    Jul 20, 2020

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