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Encumbered with desires we admit ourselves into the rat race,
When everything is left on god's grace,
But what follows is the aftermath of failure,
When god takes no share,
You'll have to  succumb to your pain,
When "no pain,no gain" sews its tongue,
When every perfidious friend veils their faces with smilin' faces,
When every bond is broken from fornication,
When lust strews on our cerebrum,
When the night feels so satisfyin' from that sex,
But by the morrow everythin' turns to sorrow,
Coz we took our body into borrow,
When she puts on a cryin' face on the camera,
When he puts on a 'life quote' in his caption,
When her lover obeys her, it would be termed as love,
When his lover fulfils his bodily needs,it would termed as love,
When every soldier loses his breath bcoz of the war mongers,
When every soldier's wife loses her husband in the name of jingoism,
When every workplace is painted by deceitful ambitions,
When every law book turns in for the criminal,
When every girl rot into the aftermath of rape,
When every student ends his life,
When every examiner's pen blots grades as in for capital punishment,
 When competiton grabs hold of the throat,
When every politician forgets the point of his gained votes,
When every business person is lost by the moat,
When the burial of the cadaver demands more money than his life's income,
He/she has become comfortably numb.


  • beautiful

    Jul 21, 2020

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