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Pardon me my dear if you notice any repetition of words in your praise,
In this letter to you blotted from my blood,
The hue of my blood is vermilion,
Reminds me of the texture of your red cheeks,
To my mind which now reeks,
From your absence from this world,
Your absence is turnin' me into a destitute,
Your presence till my last breath can't be replaced with a substitute,
Amanda i won't bear the sin of perpetuating the thought of any other lady,
And now i'm listenin' to your favourite song called 'mandy'.

My eyes have become dessicated now,
The tears are unable to be produced,
Coz the ingredients of the makeup of tears have all been used,
How i long for my body to get misused by you.
Now i have to wear a smilin' face these days,
My smile is longin' to the place where you lay,
But the ingredients of my tears become available drastically,
Whenever i visit the cemetary,
To cover your grave with aromatic flowers,
These flowers then remind me of your fragrance,
Then i get caught into my hallucinations,
Or is it you really sittin' on your grave?
Smilin' at me and holdin' my face with your grasp.

After comin' from work the desolation haunts me,
The walls of our house echoes your voice to me,
Your novels kept in the shelves start makin' their usual sounds of flippin',
The utensils in the kitchen makes their sound as if they're been jittered by your touch,
The supper isn't the same too,
It lacks flavour of your hands and the chair where you used to sit is now vacant,
I don't play any another vinyl other than of barry manilow,
Which was your favourite,
Vividly i know.
The bed now seems 'half empty',
And i long for your arms to hold me,
In the darkness of night.

Amanda i have now become impervious with my social life,
Still waitin' for you again to be my wife,
The longer i won't wait to stab my life,
Even if this means you're callin' me from Christ's home,
Now whisk me towards you my dear Amanda.


  • Jul 21, 2020

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