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Amanda,i wonder if u're watchin' me from heaven,
While i'm inking this paper incessant,
Just to get your grasp,
You berefted me my dear, why?

Desolation has never been so amiable to me as it is now,
I'm certainly gonna break your vow,
"Marry someone else after i take this last breath", you said,
No dear there's no one who would ever replace you,
I always want to be caught in your flu,
Amanda give me some clue,
That you're smilin' at me from heaven,
While i'm cryin' to you from here.

This room is still burnin' with your presence,
I still feel you dancin' at our balcony,
I still feel your lap on mine,
When you used to get weary of your moves,
When you used to make curls and play with my hair,
The gentle touch of your fingers were the touch of heaven on my face,
That forced me to cede my every inch of skin to you,
And your ripples of hair used to gleam as bright as the sunshine of dawn,
Vividly i remember your aroma,
When you used to put on your makeup,
And sit on my back doin' push ups,
Remember how you kissed me everyday when i left for work,
The touch of your lips used to make me beserk.

Remember me dear,on weekends how we used make love along the seaside,
When you used to fret if i went too deep with my  delve into the sea,
And how used to get worried when i catch my pyrexia,
I wonder what would i do if i would ever catch your amnesia.

The longer i ain't gonna wait,
To be with you in heaven,
Lord,plz tell me if i deserve heaven to be with my beautiful saint,
Still i'm comin' to you with all my might,
To hold your soul in my arms,my


  • sad😔

    Jul 20, 2020

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