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The lonely sky is calling your name,
For the priceless pain of that childish dream,
The purple clouds slowly covered the stars,
Reminding me of you in my heart...

Walking down this cold and empty street,
Seeing your face in the back of my brain,
Over the ages of my secret disguise,
Reviling the spark of that sweet wine...

I was always there,
Where you left me to wait,
But too far to see,
How you betrayed...

I was always there,
But I was blinded and fooled
It's too painful for me 
To see how you betrayed...

Eight years later I still dream,
Of your smile on that rainy day
To cover my heart and escape the fate,
You are still on my mind...

I like the rain because I am not crying alone.
You will never understand the pain of  tears cause for you tears are mere inarticulate salty drops. But mine were something special which only you would have understood.


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