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   As you may remember, I wrote a message of grave concern whenever Donald Trump intended to use the National Guard for his own ends. It is with the deepest remorse I call on you again to take this another step further than we would like. As you may have heard Barr dispatched an unmarked group bearing military type weapons, yet they do not fight with the normalised dignity expected from the United States military branches.
   Disturbing videos have emerged of these mercenaries attacking medical response teams and forcibly taking people off the streets. Beating and abusing American citizens who are protesting against social injustice. These attacks are merely going to escalate the violent tensions. Will you call upon former military members not as an organization, but as American Defenders of our Republic to stand together with the protesters to ensure they are protected. As before you need not reply, but I pray you understand the depth and severity of what I ask. It was wrong for Trump to use you for his own ends, and I hope you understand this is about maintaining order that our government can not establish in it's current conditions.


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