Insecurities Read Count : 19

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/Soul
I have my insecurities 
Its somethin I Inside of me
Cuddle up close
Im to scared
in my own world
I have my insecurities
Somethin I inside of me
I love u too much
Tell u to hush
Take out my own gun 
I love u too hun 
I gotta go now
I shall make my final bow 
Pull the trigger
to my own head 
I am a sinner 
I'd be better off dead
I go up to my own place
God says u r a disgrace 
Why would u do that 
Ur family's now sad

It was way to much 
Depression was set off
Anxiety inside of me
Nothin to do so
I killed meeeee

Pls forgive me 
I am sry 
I cry
and ask for peace

I hope u love it


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