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With a bereaved heart i cwtched her grave,
Wishin' if i could able to wake,
My Angela from her slumber,
As she lay her skin reflected amber,
Her viridescent eyes were closed,
Her hairs looked more aurous as sunshine flocked,
Her lips bore a vermilion view,
She wore her wedding gown possessing droplets of dew,
When she laid in her coffin,all numb.

She was only forty one and ninety days,
I wondered if i could be able to smell her rodent aroma from where she lays,
I was broken and maimed,
My ambience was now disdained,
 It felt like every moment was abstained,
Every wall of life seemed black,
Every tree looked bare,
When god took no share,
When my tears were incessant,
I thought if god's grace was intermittent?

When my mind had caught the black syndrome,
A few nights later Angela was tossin' my hair with her slender fingers,
Was it a serendipitous panglossian?
No,she was there for real,
She was in her same wedding gown,
Is my lady agathokakological at this time?
I had a farrago of feelings,
I was petrified but glee too,
I asked, "Angela are you back?",
"Its my soul",she told,
She was back to relieve me,
To stand by me for evermore,
Even when she's in heaven,
Asked me to not to be gloom,
Find someone else and turn my life to bloom.

"Not gonna happen",i reiterated.
Then she dissapeared into the thin air,
Now i'm wondering if she was callin' me to be with her in heaven,
If this is her clue then i'm coming to you my,


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