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Caroline,my love,
hope you are fine my lady,
Hope you are as strong as you ever are,
But i'm not as strong as you,
Soon this flame is goin' to be blown.

O sweet Caroline,now don't frown,
Your forehead with lines,
I know i shouldn't be sayin' this to you,
But i know its time for me to sleep in my grave,
I still want you to be brave,
Caroline i won't ever forget your smile's naive,
Want you to bury me with the same ave.

Still i know you my love better than myself,
Tears are involuntary,
I know this for sure that they'll swell your eyes with them,
When your tears would rain on my coffin,
I would want to drink every drop of them,
They would be as sweet as the holy water,
And as sweet as Zarivar,
I would want to drown into your tears,
I would want my eyes be drenched with your tears,
Tappin' on my face and,
sip every drop of your sorrow into my mouth.

My darlin' as i move this pen now,
I can so perceive your tears on this paper's lap,
I really didn't want to ink this avow,
I'm now imaginin' your face,
How beautiful you're my Carolina!
Your hair are as golden as the sunshine,
Your pointed nose and winsome smile,
Your cherry red glow and emerald eyes,
I wish if i could ever meet you again in my  disguise.

Sweetheart, i wish i could cover myself into your arms,
If only i could for once again get teased by your charms,
If only i could feel the warmth of your arms,
Coz they're as warm as a campfire.
If only i could smell your aroma,
As fragrant as roses and casanova,
The comfort of your lap on my thighs,
How I wish if i could hold you once again!
How i wish if i could take you to swim again,
And me delving into your arms,
Oblivious and obscured from this world.
I wish i could take you to dinner again,
And make our livers full with wine,
And enjoy the beauty of the seaside,
And enjoy the aftermath of wine on your body!

Caroline i'm sorry my dear for my elusion,
Of not turnin' your dream to reality,
Of not been able to turn you into a mother,
I beg your forgiveness with my dilapidated heart,
If only we could see our Clementine or  
Jason runnin' on our yardarm.

The sand is flippin' fast in this hourglass,
The strength won't make it to the end,
My life would soon be succumbed by an explosion,
Here in Vietnam,
I just want one thing from my platoon,
Don't forget to deport my cadaver to my lover and  wife Caroline.

I would send all of my love to you my lady from here in heaven (or hell),
But how i wish there was another Gabriel to send my messages of love to you,
But don't worry dear my soul would be with you for evermore,
Even if my body is no more,
i know my soul would be fidgeting to hold you in his arms,
At the time when you would hold my grave in your arms,
My Caroline.


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