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(request the reader to read it slowly to feel the pain that i've inked)

Lorraine, vividly i remember how many i've wounded,
Some were young and others were mature,
Now i wonder if my heart was pure,
Was it my epicure,
Or was it of the war mongers unable to cede,
Why didn't i listen to you when i signed this accede?

My mind is now encountering amnesia,
My tongue has caught the flu of aphasia,
Its longing for a drop of water,
My throat is all dessicated,
I think this thirst will now be perpetuated,
How i wish if only i would taste your meander!
Today i won't say that i'm brawny,
Now i'm impotent and scrawny,
And i'm sayin' this blantantly,
Coz now i've become impervious with my jingoism,
I'm feelin' as flimsy as a rose petal,
Whisk me lord where you settle!

Today the sun is dyin' on me,
Coz i fought rather egregious,
I think today satan was percevin' my,
Surreptitious steps.
Up front the bivouac is encapsulating me,
Affliction is hauntin' me,
Still i see a cloud with a silver lining,
It is the remembrance of the night afore,
When i first parted from you,
Remember that night Lorraine?
I took you to the seaside,
We were merry and we burnt sparkles,
And you told me about Achilles,
Water waves were jingling with joy,
And the wind was blowin' on our faces with coy.
Pardon me my lady if there's any repetition in your praise,
Words are not enough in your admiration,
I wonder if aphrodite would come to your feet,
And say ,"Lorraine dear,take my place".
You're as pretty as the shine of the dawn,
And as uncanny as the darkness of the dusk,
Even the nature serve as battalion,
Whenever you water them,
You're as gleaming as Theia,
And as strong as the goddess Nike.

Pardon me my lady for not fulfiling your desire,
Of takin' you to Geneva and lay in the heart of Alpine Lake,
Or to the city of Z├╝rich filled with picturesque landscapes,
I beg you to serve me impunity,
From this act of my elusion.

Lorraine i have now finally said,
What i had to say to you,
And i know Jesus will send these messages of my love to you,
How I wish if there was somebody to send you my love to you,
Hold back! Lorraine that somebody would me,
I'll send you my love to you from my grave,
When you'll cover it with roses,
and sprinkle your sweet tears on them,
And to my soul which would be dyin' to hold,
You in his arms.
With this i bid adieu to you to the love of my life,


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