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Gunfires are echoin' all around me,
Scores of wounded corpses are,
Representing a macabre,
Still the bombs are agitating those cadavers,
I knew this afore when i entered this battle front,
And gave a shunt.

Lorraine, this is now finally over,
Your duty of worrying about me,
Won't be a burden anymore,
Now i won't knock on our door,
There would be no more cuddle,
Coz there would be a parting grasp,
I for now will forever nap,
If only i could handover to you my cap!
There would be no more dyin' of me into your arms,
Lemme enjoy the pain of my crams,
Coz the light is blown of our burnin' lamp,
Lorraine let there be no remorse and grunts,
Bury my coffin' with gleeful brunts.

Alas! I know you'll cry for me,
Remember me for my presence,
The way i used to make you chuckle with my nuisance,
I'll too cry for you my dear in my sleep,
For paintin' your life black coz now you weep,
Then lemme fill the sky with your smell,
To make every warplane dangle,
To reflect the missile back from an anti-tank,
And i'm not afraid of Mr.Lancelot de Mole,
He would be battlin' with me here in heaven,
O such a cynical thought!,
My fate into hell was already wrought!

Lorraine you're the god's most divine creation,
Has caused me natural abberation,
Since i first saw you,
Oh when i saw you at first!
Can't remember my dear if that was dream or a lust,
Now don't cover your face with tears into burst,
I wish i could taste your tears on my face's crust,
Wish i could hold your face and give you  my last kiss,
This desire would now be my bliss.

I wish i could hold you in my lap,
To feel your touch with your gentle slaps,
And hear your witty stories,
To vanish away my worries,
And hear your despise over my job,
When i always used to take you into elusion,
Now go and evanesce me from 'our' mantlepiece,
Let not our photoframes meet any eyepiece.


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    Jul 23, 2020

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