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  Sometimes when l talk to you on phone,l don't wanna say goodbye to you.when you hold me in your arms l don't wanna let you leave me because you give me warmth to neva let me get sick.when you smooch my lips l don't want you to stop because they are smooth,sweet and give me warmth.when you hold my hand l don't wanna let you leave it because you might leave it again.Everything is now gone nothing is left to remember.It has all faded away.All the memories we spent together are gone because we all have Amnesia and we can't remember anything.We can't even know who we are and who we were.This love would've remained in the photographys as things to remind us what we(us)were before but they were put on fire and got destroyed and there is nothing left to remember.But only when the heart remembers the feelings we had for each other because we were soulmates and l was the rib of your heart.If it remembers and feels the distance that is between it and it's LOVE.Nobody knows where the other lost heart is and everyone of us is having a broken part of the heart only when we join the hearts it can be one complete heart again because now we are in different dimensions..We are now strangers from unknown worlds..
                    .......Racheal Star.....
     ....To be continued..


  • nice composition...

    Jul 25, 2020

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