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Look at that dress that wants to be used,
 look at my eyes that want to be kissed. 
 Look at my life, 
It would be empty without you.  

You are the future set by my heart, 
You are the light of my love.
 You know how to make me enough,
 You are the lock of my life.  

Look at the love that evaporates from our pores,
 Look at the children who play with the sand.
 one day our children will be born 
To learn to love each other more. 

 How many opportunities does life give us 
To make beautiful memories, 
And to tell others about our true story. 

 Look at the sky drowning under the water,
 Look at the birds singing in the mountains,
 The cosmos dancing the waltz of our kisses.


  • Jul 19, 2020

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    Jul 19, 2020

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