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in the world the solar systemis veryso much of magnetic powerin our Earththe all human being and the animals birdsand on livelihoods areliving the base of solar system in ourspacewhich is created by Godthe sun . very   energetic and vitamins ofall categories of which are in the earth.the earth also very powerful and magnetic power also.Earth attracts andpumps its energy to vover the .
so damn a curious I am going to say to all of you that,the sun is the ruler of our earth and the country and ,the sun is the main ruler.according to ouris Darshan is very well situated in our Lagna so he powerful and the sun is situated second place so so much of earnings in in her life.if the sun is situated in the third place so  much  Kundali the sun is our father planet.Rajasthan gives us health immunity power and fathers health property.after marriage if one child born,so in his Kundlithe ninth 
 is indicates the father's faith and the fathers job father's relation.if the sun is very well situated in our Kundli so will get very dignified jobs  and quality
Written by Ganapathi Sharma 
Vedic Astrologer.


  • Jul 19, 2020

  • i like to know it all this things that we have around us and aprecciate.thanks for the article.

    Jul 19, 2020

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