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A French kiss on my vintage music, 
I drank an extra glass of wine
 And I get confused. 
You're still here,
 I can't believe it.  
Oh, how close we are.  
I can feel you!  

Kissing my hand,
 You take me to my grandparents' time, 
Their story is still running in my head.
Love was simple at that time. 

 You are ready to build a beginning, 
My love will make you living, 
Hang on the block, 
Setting the stars at 3 o'clock in the morning.  

Leaving my soul in your arms, 
The times of darkness are past, 
I do not know where this path will lead, 
But I need your support.  

The last drop of wine drains over your mouth,
 The city lights fly through the room,
 The silence takes our breath away.


  • Jul 19, 2020

  • Jul 19, 2020

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