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I got lost in many cold hearts,
 Until I met your warmth.
  I lost myself in the arms of strangers, 
Until I recognized your heart.  

I danced through the dreams of many 
Who did not want to receive me, 
Until I found the door open to your world
 And that made me believe you. 

 I screamed when no one wanted to hear me,
 Until you heard my silence.  
I kept the rest of my days 
In the bouquet of your life to live longer. 

 I was lost millions of years until you found me.
  You picked me up 
And brought me a new perspective.

  No, I don't want to get lost anymore, 
I will follow you to the depths of your soul.
I will swim through your veins, 
Until I reach the end.


  • Jul 19, 2020

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