The Special Little Penguin Read Count : 53

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
This is a sad story that turns out to be a very wonderful story. This little Penguin was sitting on a iceberg. Then killer whales came and they worked together. They would line up and swim towards the iceberg creating a wave. The iceberg would Bob up and down. the little penguin would slide closer and closer to the edge! Then they would do it again until finally knocking this little guy off the iceberg. Well you can imagine what happened when the little Penguin slid into the water. But after he died he went to Heaven. He was so scared at first, but then he was greeted by God. God reassured the little Penguin that everything was alright. God told the little Penguin he had a surprise for him. He took him to a very special place and that's where the little Penguin received his Wings! Then God told him he was sending him back to Earth as an Angel Penguin. There he would help people. Anything from a companion to helping people with their problems and  consoling people. But most importantly he would help people that would be making the journey to Heaven. This pleased the little Penguin and he told God he would do a very good job as an Angel Penguin. With that God sent the little Angel Penguin back to Earth to start his mission. So he comes to you to cheer you up and make your day. And to give you lots of Love. Because that's one thing the little Penguin loves to do is spread lots of Love! As he's on his way to see you, he silently whispers thank you God for this wonderful opportunity!


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